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gamerprincess 08-19-2011 12:52 AM

It's been a while since I've been here, but I'm back
I wasn't here very long before things got crazy in life, but here I am again!

I got laid off in May.. We moved shortly after that to a guest house to save money and now I'm finally going back to doing something I love and have a passion for.

After our previous attempt to meet someone.. or for us to even meet others on our own (which did not go well because I didn't know how to handle my jealousy and because I just don't think I was comfortable or ready) we let the idea go for a while and just focused on everything else going on in our lives.

It would just so happen that when we weren't looking, we met someone that we both have a connection with and we're getting to know her better now. We all have a lot in common with each other, and it's great that she's got things in common with him and I separately too.

None of us have a lot of free time, but we're planning a dinner and movie at our place for the three of us within the next few weeks when we all have a free night together, so we're all looking forward to that. We've decided to take a more old fashioned approach and date for a while before we involve sex.

We each talk with her daily, so we keep that connection going. I don't know that daily is totally necessary, but that might just be that I don't feel the need for continuous contact? It doesn't seem to bother him or her, so I'm just going with it and think maybe I just need to adjust with that.

For a while I thought things had taken a turn for the worst in every area of our lives, but things certainly have been looking up.

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