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CoupleLQQKING4Girl 07-23-2011 02:15 AM

We are a Fun Loving Couple LQQKING for More!
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Welcome and Hello!

Girls I would like to keep this simple but interesting enough to get your attention...

We want to find a bisexual or real bi-curious girl for a long term poly relationship :)

I am married and very much miss playing with a girl sexually... But more importantly I miss having normal girl fun like shopping and such as well as friendship. So, wanting to be friends to both of us first will get my attention.

We travel a lot for vacations so I hope to find a girl that is not working or has a boring job and wants a change.

I really want a girl that is adventurous and has a lot of free time on your hands with nothing to do. I would love to bring some excitement in to the right girl's life and would look forward to her bringing some fun, friendship and adventures into our lives too. A girlfriend to us both equally and share everything would be perfect.

So if you have no job, great!
If you are tired of living at home following messed up rules. Perfect!
If you are over going to college and want an interesting change let me know.
If you are missing something special in your life we would love to fill that void.

Also, We do realize there are all forms of poly relationships that couples partake in... so if you are the girl in a couple we would not mind that you would split your time between us and your partner/bf/husband. Please understand sexually, Me Rebecca, I do like a well hung guy from time to time but... we are only looking for an friendship and emotional ties to another girl that wants to be a part of our family.

Please be open minded - HWP - love to laugh and have fun. Please be very adventurous and I would hope you like to travel to new and amazing places. I love the Caribbean and all the tropical islands with the wonderful beaches.


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