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booklady78 11-23-2009 05:50 AM

Hello from Canada!
I'm 31/F and have been with my husband for over 13 years. We decided in Summer 2009 to have a go at experiencing other people and seem to have stumbled into polyamory when our original intention was swinging. Should have known that it was not in our nature to be comfortable with strangers :P I've been with my bf for about 4 months now, head over heels in love. We're still figuring out alot of the boundaries and working through feelings and really just learning as we go.
It's been almost impossible to find any actual 'groups' or 'events' in our area so online seems to be the way to gather resources and connections.
I'm so glad we've found this site, it seems to have more information than any other.
Looking forward to meeting some of you!

MonoVCPHG 11-23-2009 07:35 AM

Welcome to the forums :)

AutumnalTone 11-23-2009 05:06 PM

Welcome aboard.

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