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floundering 07-11-2011 05:36 PM

From short lived poly to mono.
I am finding that writing gf so many times is weird. So here is a chart.
my primary love= water
my primary loves new gf = gabby

As of last night, Gabby broke it off with Water because we made a demand that Gabby meet me before she go on another date with Water because I was having terrible times and wanted to meet her to try to see her as a person, not a monster. I don't know if my Gabby will stick to the break up but I hope for another chance to make just Water and I work. I don't feel like I "won." Winning would have been if the Gabby would have met me and we could have worked things out. Now just too many mean things have been said about me by Gabby, including that she is afraid of me, and I don't even want to meet her now. So I may be finding myself again alone with water and the relationship I need to work on. I can't fuck it up this time. Previously, due to fear of losing my kids and a major loss in my life I withdrew from my gf. I can't ever do that again. I need to work on this relationship and just wanted to let you all know that in my previous thread, "help me please," you were all so supportive and helpful and I hope and pray that the things you have taught me will serve me well in making this most important relationship work. Thank you all for your help and I am always willing to get advice on being a better lover, partner, friend, etc.
best to you all, I don't plan on leaving here just because we are going to go mono, you are all too kind to leave.

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