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travislang 07-10-2011 06:24 PM

available in little rock arkansas area. i am 33 married looking for a partner for me, i am poly and bi, sheis mono and bi curious.

my activities incllude gamiming, writing, school, movies, hanging out, walking.

i work as a freelancer so dont make much money.

what i am looking for is someone to be independent, loving, kind, nice, smart but not overly smart and open minded, likes kids is a must for i do have 3 step kids and one lives with me full time. understanding of my wife being mono. i dont care about hieght or wieght or race, i beleive everyone is beautiful in there on unique way, but that is to say a physical attraction is not a musty either, all though i dont go after looks alone i do have to be attracted to you as well. but i look for the inner beauty first and fore most. and the reason why i said support my wife being mono is this she is ok and willing to let me be poly for that is me and how i am, but she is also wanting things to move slow and trust to build up first and fore most. and i do agree on that a relationship is based on freindship and trust will last forever or close to that any way.

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