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Aleighagurl 07-07-2011 01:07 PM

Being inclusive on group outings
I'm interesting in hearing your stories on how you act when you're out with more than one of your lovers some variation of that.

Does being out with more than one person make you more conscious of everyone's feelings? What side of a table/booth you sit on at a restaurant? Who you're talking to and what you're talking about?

What's your policy on PDA's such as hand-holding and kissing?

What about pet-names and verbal affections?

And, of course, anything else you'd like to share!

Thanks for your input and stories! :)

BrigidsDaughter 07-07-2011 10:16 PM

For me it depends on the situation.

Runic Wolf and I always sit across from each other when we go out to eat(I'm a lefty and sitting next to each other tends to present problems). If Wendigo goes with us, sometimes he sits next to him, sometimes he sits next to me. The last time that Runic Wolf, Wendigo, Pretty Lady, and I went out for dinner, we got a 4 sided table and Pretty Lady and I sat between our guys; we each got to be in the middle and I got to look into her pretty eyes. :-) I'm big on touch, so I tend to find ways to have our legs touching under the table, play footsie, and whatnot with both my guys.
And ofcourse, I will take any and every opportunity to hug Pretty Lady since I so rarely see her these days.

I will talk with both of my guys when we're out, but generally I end up sitting back at listening to them talk.... it makes me smile.

If we're going to the movies, we alternate who sits where, though if we are taking our son, he ends up between me and his dad. But if we are out, say camping with a group of friends, Wendigo and I revert to best friend behavior; sitting next to each other, sharing drinks, playful banter, but keep the affection down.

As for PDA, I will hug both of my guys, but won't kiss Wendigo in public. There is alot of verbal affectionate, playful teasing, but we don't have pet names.

nycindie 07-08-2011 02:30 AM

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