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Georgia 07-01-2011 09:19 PM

I have been with my man for a couple years now, I have always been mono and he has always been poly however he tried to be mono for me and just cant do it. I have had feelings for others while I was with him so I know I have poly in me, my fear is that I have always been one to have a bad taste in my mouth and get very upset at the thought of him being intimate with someone else, I don't want jealousy to ruin our relationship. Him and I are the core relationship and he has asked me repeatedly how I would feel in that situation and to be honest I think my jealousy will end up getting the better of me, has anyone ever had to deal with the jealousy and have any strategies to deal with it?

redpepper 07-02-2011 06:27 PM

have a look around here and you will soon see many people in the same boat. Maybe start with a search on "jealousy" and/or "envy" in the tags to get you started. Tags for "mono/poly" might help you find some info too. :)

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