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mosaicbtrfly 03-20-2009 02:49 PM

I have spent my life feeling like I just didn't fit in with most people. As I have matured over the years, I have realized that a huge part of the problem is that I do not think like the average Jane. Now that polyamory has entered my life, through my husband's new love (not lover, yet), I am feeling more alive, more me, more grounded than I ever have. It is scary in many ways. I feel like I have let the butterfly free and now it is with me even more than before. My husband has been more attentive, considerate, engaged, supportive, and most of all, happy. He is literally glowing.

I am feeling a myriad of emotions about the whole thing. Mostly positive, but it is overwhelming at times. I have never allowed myself to let go and experience life in this way. It feels "right", but at the same time a part of me wants to scream that this can't be ok. It is tough to fight the voices of conventional thinking. Surely, I will be hurt and my self not be ok through this experience. Yet, my husband and his friend are incredibly loving and supportive and here for me.

I guess what I am asking for is reassurance that there is success to be had here. Are there those of you who have taken this path and found love, happiness, growth, etc.?

AutumnalTone 03-20-2009 04:01 PM

When you hear the voices of conventional thinking, here's what you can do. Make them sound like Donald Duck. It's rather difficult to take anything Donald says seriously, so make those voices sound like Donald and enjoy a good chuckle.

Then turn the sound down on them. Oh, let those voices rattle on and on and do their naysaying job--you just don't have to listen to it. Imagine them as coming from speakers on a radio or something and just turn the knob so you don't have to hear them.

sansi69 03-21-2009 03:53 PM

Good for you, and good for your husband that he is handling this so well!!!! He wants to do this the right way and that means you can feel secure in all this... the way to bring out the best in everybody, the way it should be.

Compersion is a wonderful thing, when it's VALUED, appreciated :o

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