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eb330033 06-20-2011 03:48 PM

Hi from a happy camper
Hi I am "L" and I've only had one brief foray in polyamory, and my other experiences have either been mono or open. I'm a lesbian and all of my relationships whether they be mono, open have been exclusively with women and my last girlfriend was poly and I was still trying to figure out the nuances of polyamory when we split up. At that time I had no other intimate relationship, but I was talking to a few women, none of which interested me very much.
These days I find myself comfortably single and keeping the options open. So I am spending my time learning more about polyamory and seeing if it's a fit or if it's something I'd like to participate in again.
I am a thinker and a feeler, very self aware on most levels and am self employed. My belief is that I must first be as complete a human being as I can be before I entertain the notion of joining into a relationship. It is that way of thinking that prevents me from joining a relationship for what I would see as "the wrong reasons". I don't need anyones money, I don't need anyones home, I'm not going to "play house" with anyone, I'm not fearful of being single or living alone, I don't need anyone to complete me, I don't need to control anyone, and I don't need validation.

My first experience in a non-monogamous relationship was when I was 21 and it was a positive experience with 2 women, one much older and one older by 10 years. There was no sex involved on my part, but the other two were lovers. Just affection, physical intimacy to a point, respect and the open door to leave or stay without recrimination or judgement. Since that time I've been in monogamous and non-monogamous relationships. I've been with lesbians and bisexual women. I find it difficult to define or confine myself to any certain label other than lesbian. That has been the constant throughout my entire life. Moreover, I'd simply like to be known as Lane. I'm very adamant about being, to my standards, a well rounded human before trying to be anything to anyone else. My life remains open to most possibilities yet remaining true to my core beliefs. I trip, stumble and fall sometimes as well as glide through the doors opened to me and I'm far from perfect. Through it all I find myself for the most part having a very peaceful, fun, interesting and adventurous life.
So single I am these days and although I've heard the term polyamory in my life I've only had one brief experience. I've enjoyed looking around here and reading others joys, trials,and solutions with relationships.
So since I've been looking around, I wanted to say a proper hello.

River 06-20-2011 10:29 PM

Welcome aboard, Lane.

It's very nice to see an example of a happy camper who is also single. Sounds like you're going to be happy however the "outward things" are in your life. Cool! Keep it steady, as well as open to inevitable changes.

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