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greenearthal 10-31-2009 05:12 PM

Doing anything for halloween tonight?
I will be playing music with my band in a little space where I'm anticipating there will be a LOT of people. Starts at 9. I'll probably start figuring out my costume at 7. I like to surprise myself.

NeonKaos 10-31-2009 05:54 PM

Check out my stuff on Fakebook from last night!

Fidelia 10-31-2009 06:05 PM

Fidelio and I are going to the Harvest Festival a coupla towns over to bob for apples and walk for cakes and see our niece crowned Harvest Princess. I love country life. :D

Rarechild 10-31-2009 06:47 PM

Dressing up as a lion (awesome home-made costume from last year) and attending at least one houseparty, maybe going out to see a show if I'm feeling froggy.

I will win cash for my costume this year!


maca 10-31-2009 08:33 PM

LR , C, our sis in law and myself are dressing up as the charecters from Scooby Doo. Im going ot be Fred , LR is Daphne, sis inlaw is Velma and C is Shaggy. We have a stuffed Scooby doo dog that we are going to tote around with us.

Hittign a favorite Bar of ours that does Karaoke. Not sure Im going ot sing ( depends on how many shots of Patron I have :)

gator 10-31-2009 08:39 PM

i'll have my PHILLIES costume on as i watch them pound the Yankees into oblivion! besides, i'm so ugly that the kids run like hell when they see me at the front door.


Sunshinegrl 10-31-2009 09:32 PM

I went out to a 30th birthday. lol My Dd went trick or treating and scored fairly big. Considering its not usually a big deal here.

MonoVCPHG 10-31-2009 10:43 PM

Partied last night with Redpepper, her husband and 10 of our closest poly peeps!...no sex..don't get your hopes up ;)

aussielover 11-01-2009 12:13 AM

watched the kids, fashioned myself a tinfoil horn with a pink swirl and watched Haloween on Tv

foxflame88 11-02-2009 09:08 PM

I took the kids trick-or-treating and then went to a party.

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