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River 06-13-2011 10:01 PM

Let the Bun Dance Begin!
We have been taught that love is scarce, and in and around that notion (and the feeling associated with it) we've created a world suffering from Scare City, of scarcity.

It is time to begin to liberate ourselves from Scare City, as a planet wide revolutionary realization of abundant love. We realize love's abundance by using our real eyes, not the eyes made for us by the illusion of love's scarcity in Scare City (which has enveloped our lovely planet).

Organize A Bun Dance wherever you live. It's not trademarked or owned by any corporation. It's yours, all for the taking, absolutely free. It's like winning the cosmic jackpot. All you gotta do is say yes.


River 06-13-2011 10:07 PM

Please steal this t-shirt and bumper sticker slogan for The Revolution.

Our world is sick with Scare City, which calls for A Bun Dance!


River 06-14-2011 02:08 PM

My friends, in the years I've participated in this forum, I've engaged very deeply with the subject of polyamory (multiple loving). And I've seen so much pain and suffering and confusion about loving here! And I've seen so much joy and celebration of love, and the associated healing and growth. And I've seen the two swirled together all at once. I want to thank you all for opening up and sharing your stories and journey. And I want to file my report now. I have, after years and years of inquiry and study and practice, discovered The Key To Allowing It To Work (polyamory, that is).

Firstly, one must take notice that I said "allowing" it to work, not "making it work". There are something like laws to loving, similar to laws in physics. A person cannot really make love, except by allowing it. That's one of the laws of love, but I dislike the word "law" in this context, it feels wrong. Principle? I dunno, you offer a better word -- I'll call it a principle for now until I think of a better word.

Here are some more principles of love and loving.:

Love is not a substance or a commodity which can be divided up and divvied
out in measured quantities, like money or pie. Its source is infinite, therefore its every
particular expression carries with it this infinitude.

Love is a healing power. It immediatly begins or continues a healing process wherever it is present. (It is not yet widly known, but this is a principle in every discipline, be it economics or medicine or astronomy--even physics and biology.) To heal is to become whole. Love's essential nature is wholeness, which is infinite and mysterious. That's why it must be allowed rather than made. It's the essence of existence at its heart. Everything, everyone, already is love. We just need to let ourselves be.

Love grows when given, appreciated, enjoyed, celebrated, danced, written, accepted, etc....

Love withers and shrinks when we attempt to control it in any way.

I'll have more principles of love I've discovered in later segments of my report. But I wanted to get to what I promised to offer here, The Key To Allowing It To Work (polyamory, that is) . . . [or any -amory at all]:

Never attempt to grasp and hold on to love.

No..., no..., that's not it! That's what it would look like if it were a "law," if it were a Commandment from On High. Can you feel the unlove in it? I can.

Here it is, really:

If you want to keep love, let it go.

That's the key. Hold on to this Key tightly. Write it down and paste it on your walls. Cling to it as if ... wait a minute!! Let it go.

River 06-14-2011 02:36 PM

Something in me doesn't really, or fully, understand the Key I just wrote as "If you want to keep love, let it go." I understand it partly, but not fully.

I know that love really only exists by growing. Its very nature is expansiveness. It wants to bring everything into its expanding, joyous, celebritory orbit. It wants us all to light up in itself, to flower and dazzle.

Yet nature gave us brakes. And culture gave us blinders. Etc. And love can sting! It can hurt or confuse us to be in expanded "states" (except Ohio and Michagan), because -- let's face it -- our map of the world is upsidedown. Our cultural world teaches us to Go Out There And Get Ourselves Some (of anything of value), And You Damn Well Better Build A Fortress (with a mote!) Around It To Protect Yours From Them Who Are A'coming To Take Yours Away. Maybe our biology is partly to blame for this. But it can be transcended -- or trance-ended. Though trance ending takes much attention, love and patience, it can be done.

Anyway, back to my story. I've had to let go of several people I was madly in love with.
One time, I let go with a good deal of loving ease, because I had begun to realize (real eyes) the Key. She was not the source of my love; love itself is the source, and because the real world is infinite and interconnected, I've got a direct line (or there's no line at all) to / with source. Put more simply: I am love. So are you and so is everyone else. It's what we are -- and that's why its funny that we pretend otherwise, and so sad.

How silly is it for the ocean itself to be thirsty for saltwater?

Are you starting to see what I mean, here? Our world is upsidedown, confused... about the most crucial fact of our existence!

So now I'm interested in the radical practice and process of expanding love by realizing it without grasping after it, as if it were scarce, as if it weren't already the very heart of the world.

River 06-14-2011 02:57 PM

Very, very recently I real-eyesed I was frantically looking for more love, in the form (an image, a surrogate) of another lover-partner. Where is he or she?! Why don't we find one another?! Damn it to hell! The fucking universe is saturated with love, you say? Well, fuck you! Damn them! Damn!

I was unhappy, and contracted, not exapansive and loving. And I knew it. I knew it but I didn't know how to stop searching. Finally, the pain of searching was so great that I just had to give it up. I began to give myself what I wanted. (I let the image go and fell into love.) And about three minutes later I real-eyesed that I had a new lover, of the most essential kind, in a new friend.

She lives very far away in space, yet I feel her caressing me every moment of my day and night. And she feels this with me.

Love exists by growing. Growing comes with loving. It's really quite a perfect planet after all.

MonoVCPHG 06-14-2011 04:03 PM


Originally Posted by River (Post 86158)
Our world is sick with Scare City, which calls for A Bun Dance!


I may not understand the revolution but this slogan rocks!! Very cool my friend...Revolt on!

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