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MrMrsDominant 06-04-2011 12:29 PM

I've had a lot of short term relationships with woman and couples, after 17 years of being in the Military I have come to meet a diverse group of people, Currently on my second marriage to a wonderful gorgeous woman who shares my point of view on life.

It amazes me as a society we drool over TV shows and movies, yet when we deal with real life we contradict ourselves in every fashion. The thing I despise most is the religious institution. I feel my freedom of expression and my choices in life are blocked by this institutional thinking.

We are humans just like any other animal. We have family bonds that keep us close to home, or at least to the ones we love. Why are we so negative to loving more than one in a relationship or family? A pack of wolves travels together. As a trio or group or what ever you chose, you become stronger and wealthier in love and riches.

People start their own cults or compounds but with psychotic demented intentions. What would happen if a sane person did this? curious thoughts.

People hide in their own skin, politicians are castrated all the time for getting some mistress pregnant, why do we care? Why is everyone so involved in how their neighbors live their life?

Why do we care? If your actions cause no harm to others, why do we need a law regulating these actions? I'll tell you why, my opinion is that some bible thumper is dictating how you should live!

Thus I am an Atheist, free of such dictation, concerns about how you should live based upon some book.

Why can't I have 10 wives? If I can damn well afford it, what damn business is it of yours?? You say tax's big deal, it's all meaningless.

End Rant~

Heavenzdesire 06-04-2011 12:42 PM

No offence to any religious people but YOU GO GIRL!!!

I believe there is a God (bugger me who) and he/she will look at our lives and judge us (I'm sure he takes in account what happens in your head as well as the situation) anyway so everyone else can go bugger off cos they don't have all the details and have no right to judge us.

-rant done-

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