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Heavenzdesire 05-26-2011 12:12 PM


I'm a Bisexual, married, Aussie chic. I like a random bunch of things really, the typical music, movies and facebook. I like Harry Potter (i know i'm 27 and i still like it!) i like Twilight too just to rub salt into the wound lol. I lovewritting novels and kids books. I have a cat, Kenshin who is a little mental, she is completely white (unless she has been in the shed again then shes black...) with one blue eye and one yellowy brown eye.

So there's me (Heaven), my husband (Drew) and our girlfriend (Google), thats our nicknames of course. We all work together which makes things interesting at times as we are not out so really no one knows. Kinda hard that we really have no one to talk to about stuff. The whole relationship just developed i guess and we have just taking everything as it has come.

Can't really think of anything else to say, ask i guess if you wanna know.

LostRane 05-26-2011 08:16 PM

Harry Potter...
I am 34 and love Harry Potter... Welcome

Heavenzdesire 05-27-2011 08:36 AM

Harry potter
Awesome :)

polyexplorer 05-27-2011 09:05 AM


I'm an Aussie too living just out of Melbourne. Which part of Darwin are you in? I spent 2 years in Ludmilla when I was a kid... You're right, it's hard not having people who understand and who you can talk too...

Heavenzdesire 05-27-2011 11:53 AM

Hiya ex-darwinite! lol I'm in Jingili, there seems to be a lot of people who have lived in Darwin for a short amount of time and then moved on. (sorry the "M" button on my laptop doen't work properly so i have to keep checking i'm not missing any...) anyway, i think we are on a longish term here, we will eventaully go back to QLD were we r from.

But Darwin is nice so far, a few issues, but the lifestyle and relaxed nature of people has been good for the soul. I normally dont do well in cities but so far so good, just need to stay away from the CBD at peak hour!

Thanks for the welcome, hope to chat more :)

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