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Polywaw 03-07-2012 07:55 PM

Not to necro a topic that's been dead for a few months, but I felt like I should probably post here as the most active user of a shared account.

We're a him and her, and the Him (me) is far more active here, although she browses, reads, and posts as well. We're a shared enough relationship that this doesn't bother us, and if I'm willing to state her opinion on something, or her experience, I ask her about it to be fully clear.

Sharing a computer is one reason, no point in constantly logging in and out between the two. Especially when she's primarily browsing.

Although, reading this makes me feel I should clear it up in a siggy as to who is typically active and who isn't. We decided to share in the event that someone wanted to contact either of us.

Hope you all aren't creeped out.

redpepper 03-08-2012 09:22 PM

Totally creeped out! Who said that?! ;) heh, just kidding :D *tease

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