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AggieSez 10-17-2012 04:33 PM

SoloPoly session at Poly Living: Feb 8-10, Philadelphia
I just learned that I will be running a session on solo polyamory at the Poly Living conference, Feb 8-10, 2013 in Philadelphia.

Iím really excited about this opportunity, and am grateful to the nonprofit Loving More for including this important and under-discussed topic in the conference program!

What do I mean by "solo" polyamory?

I use "solo" to refer to people who don't have -- and who may not be seeking or want -- a primary-style relationship of their own (married, spouse-like, or life partner). These poly/open people may or may not live alone. Also they may or may not have (or prefer to have) significant ongoing intimate relationships which involve a lot of commitment but without moving in together, merging finances, and other common hallmarks of spouse-like relationships.

What should my session cover? I'd love input from this community on that. Please comment on this thread or e-mail me (aggiesez@hotmail.com)

I'd especially like to hear from solo poly people what they'd like me to cover or open discussion about in that session. What would you like the wide poly community to know about polyamory from a solo perspective? What are the pros and cons of solo polyamory that you've experienced? What questions do you have? What's worked for you -- or not?

I'm also open to hearing from people in primary couples about their questions, perspectives, beliefs, and experiences about having nonprimary relationships with people who don't have a primary partner of their own.


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