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SGAcpl 01-31-2015 11:16 PM

South Georgia couple ISO 50+ Poly unicorn
We are an older married couple(59) long time lifestyle. Retired military and long term married. We are very stable and caring. We are seeking a complete partner in a polyamorous relationship. Look at our profiles and our posts to understand us.

If you like being loved and made to feel special then why not be with a couple that will provide you a caring atmosphere to get pleasure from. We do understand not wanting to be with a couple who is just looking for a one night stand or are looking to try something new. We are committed to finding someone who is seeking more and knows what she desires. We want to share our lives with someone who understands what it is to live life and enjoy. Someone who can understand, that we are very serious about this type of arrangement. If you want a special life then consider at least talking to us. Whether you want to go to school, work, or want to be a domestic engineer (Ann is a buyer, she goes out and buys things she likes), that's fine. We just want everyone to be happy and comfortable.

Don't live another moment unhappy, unappreciated, or taken for granted. Take a chance, you may be surprised. We aren't millionaires but are comfortable. We arenít looking for your money, just a person that enjoys life in an open and caring atmosphere. We are looking for someone who wants to be cared for as well as caring for us. We aren't looking for perfect because nobody is.

We understand that nothing happens quickly and donít expect it to. We just like to lay it out there because we believe in honesty. No smoking anything. We live in South Georgia so be ready for a very relaxed slow paced environment.

No single males, Bi Couple may be considered

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