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Lionchess 02-12-2013 04:08 AM

I'm lionchess. I'm discovered polyamory and open relationships through the disaster of a previous relationship and by reading books... Ethical slut and opening up. I am In a live in relationship now that is open however due to difficulties encountered since both of us are new at this we went through a closed phase. Came to this website now because I thought we had the conversation that opened us back up and I was assumptive and misunderstood what was happening and well messed up... Looking to read the forums and find help in navigating everything. Just seeking good information. I couldn't label how long I have known this man I love or been dating we kind of just slowly grew together. Hopefully we can get over this and keep growing. Regardless I know it is not wise to keep trying to do things without connecting to a community of like minded individuals so that I have a resource of opinions to pull from. Trying to get connected and learn!

kdt26417 02-12-2013 11:18 PM

Hello Lionchess,
Welcome to our forum.

Sorry to hear about the recent relationship SNAFU; I hope you and your partner can get things sorted out. You will definitely find a lot of good information here, as well as opportunities to interact with other poly folks and make new friends.

You've read the two most recommended poly books, so you are off on the right foot in that area. You just need continued practice at communication (speaking and listening) so as to avoid future misunderstandings. You might consider doing a tag search for "communication." (The search menu is at the top of the page, with tag search in that menu.)

Anyway, I'm glad you could join us, and hope you enjoy your time here.

Kevin T.

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