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ImaginaryIllusion 03-24-2010 09:33 PM

Radio Interview: KBPS Mar 18, 2010
Radio Interview KBPS

The Future of Marriage and Non-Traditional Relationships
March 18, 2010


Interview includes Dossie Easton, Co-author of "The Ethical Slut".

idealist 03-25-2010 02:02 AM

Thanks for the link!! That was a good interview. I read "The Ethical Slut" and it just validated everything I had come to believe on my own. I was fairly isolated (living in the deep south) in my thinking although I am very opinionated and vocal. Many of my friends would just listen to me and nod, shrug, smile, frown etc......then, I read that book and found this group!! Feel much better !!!

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