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LovingRadiance 12-01-2010 07:48 PM

Poly-Friendly Places to live... I suck at google search. :(
So-Maca and I are off the pity party about our attempted move that went to hell in a handbasket.

I thought I'd go online and search for ideas on places to move, because we are no longer bound to the Idaho/Washington area.

But-I can't freaking find anything worth a shit using google search. (I know-I'm internet illiterate)

I wanted to work towards finding out where the most poly-friendly laws were, then within those-the most poly-friendly communities and then go from there.

But I can't find shit.

We're a poly-quad that lives together and we're "out", with 4 kids still at home. So it's pretty important that we not move somewhere that we're going to get a lot of harassment about raising kids with 4 adults in the home...

Any suggestions?

River 12-01-2010 08:04 PM

Not sure about this, but San Francisco might be a good place to consider. (Earthquakes aside.)

SNeacail 12-01-2010 08:13 PM

Don't know about the laws here - that would take some research, but I have always felt, that at least here in the Los Angeles area, just about anything goes. Due to the large imigrant popluations and the crazy price of housing, it is not uncommon to have lots of adults and lots of kids living under one roof. Homeschooling is also pretty common.

Beware: Huge taxes and housing is astronomically expensive, not to mention insurance costs.

Ariakas 12-01-2010 08:17 PM

I once read boston had one of the largest poly communities around. Might be worth looking at

according to my unscientific searching, WA seems to do ok as well for the community. Might be something there :)

Vancouver or Victoria, but they are canadian cities :)

SNeacail 12-01-2010 08:19 PM


Originally Posted by River (Post 54693)
Not sure about this, but San Francisco might be a good place to consider. (Earthquakes aside.)

The enitre West Coast (from Mexico to Alaska) is nothing but falut lines and volcanos.:D

Passport 12-01-2010 08:32 PM

Seattle has a large sex-positive community - great for poly & kinky people.

San Francisco, CA

Vancouver, BC

Victoria, BC

New York.

I think just about any of the major centres would be good.

A link for you: http://www.lovemore.com/locallinks.php#wa

NeonKaos 12-01-2010 08:52 PM

Vermont is pretty laid-back if you like a more rural setting and don't mind lots of snow in winter (and the winters are not as long or dark as they are in Alaska)

I'm not sure what you folks do for a living. That's something to consider when deciding on where to move.

LovingRadiance 12-01-2010 09:49 PM

Yes Neon-it is a huge thing to consider also.

Maca is an electrician.
GG is a Custodial Supervisor for the school district.
Mimi is an office manager for the local office that handles state funded day care assistance to families in need.

(I don't work-I homeschool the kids).

Maca would prefer not to be IN a city-He'd prefer 5-20 acres of privacy.
But for work purposes and open-minded socializing-close enough to drive to a city (1-2 hours) is a good plan.


Don't mind snow-just need shorter winters (6-9 months is too much) and preferably warmer weather overall. :)

I don't think California will happen. :)

Would love to go to Canada, but I don't see that happening.
How would one even DO that, move to Canada....

Breathesgirl 12-01-2010 11:14 PM

To move to Canada you would have to have a sponsor either through a job or personal sponsor who would be willing to support you for X-amount of time if you aren't working. This would require a visa or immigration papers AND passports for everyone. If any of you has a record, even a minor conviction, this could definitely affect whether that person would even be allowed across the border.

Toronto is poly, sex & kink positive as well, lol.

Lots of luck finding a place to live that's warmer AND sunnier, lol. :).

NeonKaos 12-02-2010 01:08 AM

LR, I highly recommend that you research Burlington, VT (and the surrounding area). The cost of living is not prohibitive, there is an airport, Lake Champlain, and it IS a "big city" by Vermont standards, but it is also a couple hours from Montreal, and about 5 hours from Boston. If you can find jobs there, I think you'd like it. That's a BIG "IF" though, in this economy.

BTW I don't live there - I live in Massachusetts, but I love Vermont.

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