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Magdlyn 02-25-2015 01:52 PM

I am finally going to get to see my granddaughter for the second time today. Between the snow and ice and cold, my daughter's city neighborhood is impossible to park in.

Plus, my daughter is mentally ill. There are... issues she has, I think, with me being around her and her baby. I think, since I am a lactation specialist and basically a baby expert, she is avoiding me. Other women would depend on a mom like me for support. My emotions around it all are mixed.

She is driving now (had lost her license back in her drinking days, finally got her license again, and a car), so I asked her to meet me at her dad's today, who lives on a street with more parking. She agreed.

In other news, I am dating again. I have had 4 dates with one man and 2 dates with another, and I like them both, :) and they think I am, "amazing, beautiful, kind, pretty, cute." They are both great matches for me sexually and kink-wise. I definitely need sex, but I am not looking for a real bf right now, something more casual. Both guys are only available once or twice a month. Even though I want casual, I need more sex from a guy than that (!), so I am still chatting more guys on okc. Might see another new one next week. He seems eager.

Magdlyn 03-16-2015 06:42 PM

Well, the one guy with whom I had 4 dates, I guess he has life issues. Haven't heard from him in a month despite how well the dates went. It's too bad.

The newer guy, he seems much more reliable and grown up and trustworthy. And very passionate. He is Latino. My first Latino. We have had 3 dates now, and have another planned for later this week.

A romantic, giving Dom. When he says "Te quiero, mia putalina," I melt. :o

Magdlyn 03-23-2015 04:16 PM

So, after 4 dates, and since we are now making long range plans, I have decided to nickname the new man in my life Luka.

He is an executive and out of town on business 3 out of 4 weeks in a month. For now, anyway. He is training 3 new people and might have more freedom once they are in the swing. He is also planning a vacation for fairly soon, which we might spend together.

So far the pattern seems to be I see him twice in the week when he is in the area. It's a nice way to get my feet wet in a new relationship after having taken a break. He took both me and Miss Pixi out to dinner last week, to get to know her better. He is new to open relationships and seems fascinated and amazed by how we do it.

In baby news, my premie granddaughter is growing like a weed and is up to over 10 lbs, smiling more, sleeping a bit less, vocalizing. :o Daughter says she is "getting the hang of this Mommy thing."

Magdlyn 04-02-2015 11:34 AM

My relationship with Luka continues to grow. He has started texting me more when he is out of town. Opening up to me about emotional things, his past, his interests and preferences, etc. It's very nice, very fun. I am enjoying the NRE. I do feel burnt from my last relationship with a man, so am protecting my heart. But Luka is very different from that guy, of course. So I am trying to balance what is with what I went through in the past, and lessons learned.

Luka returns to my state on Sunday night, and this time is going to come visit me 3 days in a row, and spend his first overnight on the first night. Then he is out of country for 2 weeks. We are both full of anticipation for our reunion. Luka has pain in his past. His last serious gf died of cancer 2 years ago. I am glad to be helping him heal from his loss by providing kindness and pleasure.

In the meantime I am in chat with maybe a half dozen other men, and have a dinner date, first date, set up with one for this Friday, and a tentative date with another for later next week.

Dating, or chatting and attempting to get to know people to see if they are dating material, is hard work and can be tiring when people with seeming potential fizzle out. But it has its occasional rewards. :)

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